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HAPPY FAMiLY Camping – the facts

We consider ourselves to be an independent, modern, family-friendly camping brand. Our brand partners benefit from our target-group-specific marketing on the German families and camping market.

Market launch: 2000

Current situation: 20 brand partners in 9 European countries, camping grounds of varying sizes

Managing Director: Peter Schönwälder, camping marketing expert with years of industry experience and a dedicated team

How do your costumers find you?

“Your camping ground appeals to families with children and your goal is to rise above the crowd in the highly competitive Google camping market in Germany. Then HAPPY FAMiLY Camping is the right place for you!”

As a partner:

  • you’ll secure yourself long-term economic success
  • you’ll open up new sales channels with very good market opportunities
  • you’ll constantly gain new customers
  • at a very reasonable price

The new and exclusive feature of HAPPY FAMiLY Camping is a small, yet superb selection of camping grounds because participation is limited to a maximum of only a few Top Camps in each country. All partners meet quality criteria and are awarded a quality seal.

Request now more informations– they´re free and non-binding. This will give you an idea of the prospects, opportunities and benefits on offer.

How to become a HAPPY FAMiLY Camping

An overview of the individual steps:

  1. Complete the partner application form
  2. Send questionnaire and application form by mail/post/fax
  3. Once your camping ground has been accepted, you’ll receive our brand package, comprising our logo and a quality seal for outdoor advertising
  4. Your camping ground will be given premium entry (priority) on the Internet
  5. You’ll be part of all promotional activities in Germany

Your benefits

  1. An additional sales channel with very good market opportunities in Germany
  2. Target-group-specific advertising on Google in Germany
  3. You’ll utilise our expert know-how in German family-camping marketing
  4. A simple and affordable way to gain new German customers
  5. Presence right across Germany through classic and online advertising
  6. A sales channel with high potential and a great image
  7. Personal support and no online self-input
  8. You don’t need an agency or graphic designer
  9. Clear documentation of services for a better overview
  10. No additional commissions and no hidden costs

The task of HAPPY FAMiLY Camping

“Our task is to enter into a partnership with your camping ground to pursue the common goal of stabilising and further increasing your competitiveness and profitability.”

It is important to us that your camping ground retains its operational independence and individual charm. Its name does not change. Even if you are part of another camping co-operation, you can still use the HAPPY FAMiLY Camping brand.

Place your trust in the high profile of the HAPPY FAMiLY Camping brand. With over fifteen years’ experience, we are one of the pioneers when it comes to family camping.

Request more information now.

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